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Geek Tech Tool Box was built to do everything. The thought of it all, optimizing speed, fixing errors, removing malicious software such as maleware, privacy and security controls, it is a complete tool box for the PC user.

Key Benefits:

Most positive reviews and testimonials.

Quick easy download and install directions 

Informative free computer scan

Software Functions

Geek Tech Tool Box is an easy-to-download software that will scan your machine, locate errors and present solutions for you to decide from.


Geek Tech Tool Box will provide you the All-In-One tool box to fix registry problems, remove and fix errors, stop machine crashes, speed up slow performance, defrag and clear up disc space, and enhance all around performance, this program really does it all.

Scan Capabilities Give One-Click Solution

fix all function by geek tech tool box

Clicking "Fix All" is said to remove all errors/bugs and problem files that are slowing down your machine. Or, pick and choose what you want to remove/fix.

Free System Registry Scan Here -->

Frequently asked questions:

Will my computer run faster after I use Geek Tech Tool Box?
We can not guarantee that your computer will run faster, it all depends on your machine.

Is this going to fix the error messages I keep receiving?
Geek Tech Tool Box is designed to combat and fix all errors a PC will encounter. Error messages will be addressed with solutions, if those solutions are implemented the errors will be removed completely.

How do I install Geek Tech Tool Box?
Step-by-step documentation can be found here.

How do I register Geek Tech Tool Box?
You can find help here that will show you exactly how to register your product.

How do I scan?
Geek Tech Tool Box has a step-by-step procedure that will scan your registry. Read more here. If you have not downloaded the Tool Box you will need to do so here.

How easy is it to view results?
You will see a Health Level indicator that will show you the overall Health of your PC. This is a great feature that quickly lets you know if your PC is in need of repair. You will see results withen minutes after starting the scan.

Is Geek Tech Tool Box free?
It is free to download the scan tool but you will need to register your software to perform fixes. You can download the free scan here.


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