The Truth About Testosterone Boosters...

By, Joe Harmon

It's hard to find a 'Testosterone Booster' product that doesn't seem to be a scam.

There are hundreds of different brands out there, each promising to turn you into a supercharged, 22 year old version of yourself, just by taking a couple 'all natural' pills every day.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, maybe. But look at what happens when you increase your testosterone levels:


If you’re like me, you probably see these sort of claims and instantly want to call “snake oil” or “scam” on every testosterone boosting supplement out there.

But... let’s take a closer look.

How could this MASSIVE industry continue to exist if all these products are complete scams?

Clearly a ton of guys are buying these products again and again, and that must mean that there’s a VERY good chance that at least SOME of these products really do deliver on what they claim.

And if that’s the case, does that mean that there are men who actually are seeing the kinds of results that these products promise - results like higher sex drive, harder erections, more energy and increased muscle mass?

We dug deep and found what the REAL reviews had to say.

Here’s what we found...

After looking at literally hundreds of Testosterone Booster products, we found that most had extremely bad reviews from men claiming that the products didn’t do much of anything. BUT - there were a few exceptions.

There were a select handful testosterone booster supplements that have men of all ages raving about huge improvements in sex drive, erection strength, energy levels and even muscle mass.

So, which testosterone boosting products got the best reviews, and what exactly are the results guys have experienced using these supplements?

Read the reviews for yourself and choose the best one for you. More sex, harder erections, and a better body may be right around the corner.

#1 Top Choice: MaxGenics

If you've ever thought about trying a testosterone boosting supplement, this is the one to use.

MaxGenics is a cutting-edge testosterone-boosting formula produced by a team of professional formulators in a top US FDA-approved laboratory. This lab has nearly 30 years of experience producing pure, 100% natural, high-quality supplements with consistent and proven results.

The MaxGenics team claims to use only the most proven, highest-quality ingredients in exact amounts that can not only help boost testosterone but also directly support greater sex drive, harder erections, increased energy and enhanced muscle mass.

The exact formula was tested and ‘dialed in’ over a two year testing phase, and then recently released to the public. And the resulting "Super Pill" has men talking...

MaxGenics has some of the best reviews in the industry with men claiming that it dramatically improves sex drive, gives them rock-hard erections, boosts energy and maximizes muscle mass.

Some say they have tried multiple testosterone-boosting products in the past and MaxGenics is one of the few that actually works.

Some men over 70 even claim it has taken their energy levels, desire, and erections back to what they were when they were 30 years old.

Would we recommend MaxGenics? Yes, without a doubt. This is one of the few products out there that men say works.

Do me a favor and give MaxGenics a try. And when you do, let me know how it works for you. Send me an email at I'd love to hear if you get the same results that other men report.

We have found the best place to get it is online at their website where they have a few different order options.

You can check it out with the link below. Give it a try.. You won't be disappointed.

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#2 Second Choice: Animal Test

The number two product that also gets good reviews is Animal Test. Many men say this product does produce results though they are not quite what it's creators claim.

Animal Test makes no claims at giving you harder erections or boosting your sex drive in any way. It’s a single-purpose product with sole aim of building muscle. The manufacturers guarantee results in about 9 weeks, and boast the use of mostly natural ingredients. A lot of products make guarantees like this, so let’s take a closer look.

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# 3: Third Choice: Testo Fuel

Men say this product works and we believe it. Testo Fuel has numorous positive reviews from men of all ages.. Though it's not without it's risk. One of the ingredients in this formula - Oyster Extract, can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction in men who are allergic to shellfish.

Testo Fuel claims to be a multipurpose product. It promises more muscle, AND better sex. A pill that promises all that can have a difficult time living up to its own hype, but you can never tell until you actually try it… and that’s exactly what we did.

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P.S. As MaxGenics is the male enhancer I've used, I'd still love to hear about any other male enhancement supplements you guys have tried. So, If you have you had a great experience with a supplement of your own, please send me an email at with the details. I'll check it out and if it looks good, I'll post it here.



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